Wedding Perfection For Bride & Bridesmaids

The wedding is a day that most young girls look forward to their entire life. The big day is a special one that fulfills their rite of passage from mere young maiden to a worldly, knowledgeable, mature woman. There are many aspects to a wedding and seeing to it that every point is covered can be a tedious one that takes many months.


The Bride

The bride is so much more than just the dress. While the dress is a very important part of being the bride, there are many small details that make up the bigger picture of who the bride is and the image she will convey.

The bridal party is an intricate part of this image. Making sure that the proper attire is tended to for the bridesmaids, the ushers and even the parents makes up a large part of the whole that is the wedding procession.

The trend is slowly reverting back to a simplicity that offers clear, crisp lines and easy on the eyes colors. Such colors as pale greens, blues, pinks and off whites make the day look perfect and allow for a less complicated look.


Some brides are making the dreaded bridesmaid dress a thing of the past. There are a number of designers that can make these dresses fashionable, comfortable, and downright beautiful. They can be fashioned in a number of pale, non-intrusive colors and in a style that will be a joy to wear and not look gaudy.

Jewelry and other embellishments are ways that the brides side of the procession can be made to compliment and beautify the wedding party. Simple chains for the waist and hair can add beautiful gems, pearls, and even gold tones and sterling silver to polish the look and beauty of the procession.


Flowers are also a beautiful way to enhance the bridal party. Many brides are choosing simpler bouquets made from mostly white flowers and adding splashes of colors in reds, blues and purples to the bouquet. Some choose to instead of full bouquets for bridesmaids to instead use smaller flower arrangements of four or five blooms or even corsages made in the colors of the brides bouquet.

If there are children in the procession many are now choosing to instead have them wear a pin on bloom, or even a crown of flowers with a small but quaint lace veil attached to it. The key is to use the contrasting colors of the bride’s bouquet in order to make all the individuals tie into one coordinated procession.